Week 6: The Mysterious Benedict Society and the Prisoner's Dilemma

The Mysterious Benedict Society and the prisoner's dilemma, by Trenton Lee Stewart

Our favorite clever foursome is back in the third Mysterious Benedict Society book. This one is just about as much fun and hard to put down as the other two. My 9-year-old daughter loves these books and this has been at our house for a month or so, so it's high time I picked it up.

I also got this great sewing reference book: A to Z of Sewing. The A to Z series has wonderful photography and directions. This is a general guide to elements of sewing like seams, gathering, ruffles, zippers, and so on. Much of it was familiar, but it's nice to have techniques I've learned from many different sources collected in one spot, and I also learned several new things. This will be a very good book to have around as the girls learn to sew, and I'd recommend it for a beginner. Sewing patterns from the big companies generally illustrate a quick-and-dirty style that works, but that does not give a superior result--so when you learn the better techniques described here, your work will be much better. It takes a little more time to do things like French seams, but the results are worth it.


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