Agatha Christie SS24: February

 February's stories are "The Pearl of Price," a Parker Pyne story, and "The Affair at the Bunglalow, featuring Miss Marple.

"The Pearl of Price" is set on a group tour of Egypt, a nice little closed group of people who do not know each other well and who come from all over.  The rich American's daughter has valuable screw-on pearl earrings, which she is forever losing.  Pretty soon one of the pearls is lost, and though it ought to be easy to isn't there. Who took the pearl and where did they hide it?  Parker Pyne figures it out.

This is a fun short piece, and brings up the eternal question: how does anyone ever stand wearing screw-on earrings?  I've tried them!  They hurt!

In "The Affair at the Bungalow," we have a dinner party that includes some retired military and police men, a lovely and famous actress, and a clever modern writer along with his elderly aunt.  As they trade stories of crime and try to fool each other, the actress, Jane Helier, tells a true story that happened 'to a friend' -- an ambitious young playwright was invited to her bungalow for conversation, and then drugged, only to be arrested for stealing jewels from the bungalow.  The actress had been away on holiday, and her name used to decoy the playwright.  Who stole the jewels?  Miss Marple figures out the clever twist.

Another fun story, and I always enjoy when Raymond West comes along with his modern novels about people who drink too much and do unpleasant things to each other.

And now it's already almost March, so I'll have two more soon!


  1. I enjoyed both stories too!
    About the screw-on earrings, I used to wear those ages ago, but then stopped after having allergies. What I don't understand is why the girl keeps wearing it knowing the screw is lose. I'd have given up altogether. But maybe there are people who'd rather wear them with risk of losing them, then go without earrings - who knows?
    The Affair at the Bungalow is total fun, is it? I love short stories with nice plot twist.


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