Summer's End

 Well, how did I do with the 20 Books of Summer?  I managed to blog about 17 books, most of which were on my original list.  I did get an 18th book read, but it's for Witch Week so you'll have to wait!  I'm not thrilled with my performance, but all things considered I'm happy and I had a really nice summer, which is the important part.  I got some quilting done too!

I did fall down a bit with WIT August.  The first books I chose turned out not to be translated at all; it was written in English.  (Every other book I've gotten from that 'Emerging Voices' series has been translated!  I just assumed!)  I'm still reading my other choice, which is a very long mystery novel from Spain, set in Basque country.  

Now it's back to work/school and there's plenty going on, which is keeping me from doing a whole lot of posting at the moment.  My younger kid is preparing to move out next week, into an apartment here in town with a friend.  Time for some independent, adult living!  Work is also being very busy at the moment, as (among many other things) I'm getting ready for Banned Books Week.  There is so much censorship news at the moment that I could pretty much paper the library with stories, so I've really got to pick and choose.  I've also been working on a Salman Rushdie timeline display so that students can learn about the last 30+ years of violence associated with the attempted censorship of his writing.

I'm really looking forward to some actual fall weather, but around here September is still summer, and we're having a heatwave.  My Labor Day plans mostly involve staying close to a fan.  

Be seeing you!

A hike at Mount Lassen National Park
(sadly you can see fire damage from the huge Dixie Fire last year)


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