DWJ March Wrapup Post

I can't believe March is over, and with it our lovely DWJ event, and I've hardly participated at all.  I've had pretty good reasons for falling off the face of the earth lately, and I'm not sure I'll be posting a ton anytime soon, but I do have a huge pile of books to talk about!  And I happily read several DWJ titles in March:

Cart and Cwidder

Black Maria

The Islands of Chaldea

Conrad's Fate


I'm kind of sad that I didn't talk about all of these as much as I would have liked to, but there you go, that's life.  Instead of regretting what I couldn't do, I'll look forward to next March!


  1. I hope that your reasons for falling off the face of the earth have been the good-busy kind, and not the bad-busy kind! I barely participated in DWJ March this year too, and I haven't even got an excuse! I swear next year I will be better prepared; it's just a question of remembering in January to read the DWJ books in February for posting in March.

  2. Aw, thanks. Yeah, I need to read earlier too. (I'm sorry to say that my reasons were bad-busy. :( )


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