Saturday, August 17, 2013

15 Day Book Blogger Challenge, Day 9

Today April wants to know:

Why do you blog about books?

I sort of fell into this gig, really. The homeschooling message board I hang out on has a reading group, and Robin runs an ongoing challenge called 52 Books in 52 Weeks.  It sounded fun and I wanted to join up for the 2012 year, but I had never particularly wanted to blog about anything.  I was not into reading blogs much, didn't know much about them, was not terribly interested.  But as I looked at this challenge, it became clear that I was going to need a blog for it.  So I got my brilliant friend Jenny, who already had a book blog, to show me how to do this weird blogging thing (she has since quit blogging in favor of law school--told you she was brilliant).  I came up with my super-cool blog name, and she showed me how to get a fancy background from our other brilliant friend Alicia (who has since quit blogging in favor of actually making money at web design).

It's Robin's fault.  That's why.  Thanks, Robin!

Then I discovered that there are OTHER reading challenges out there!  I think I joined two.  The next year I joined a few more.   In 2012 I did a bunch of them, plus my own Greek Classics challenge, and the Classics Club was established too.  I tried to cut back on challenges for this year but that didn't turn out so well--I think I wound up with 10 or so, though several are freebies that I don't have to work for.

It wasn't super-popular or anything but I had fun.

Reading challenges--the fun of participating in them and meeting all the neat people who host and participate too--is the main reason that I blog about books.  The other great benefit is just talking about books and learning about more books from other folks.   I like to learn about books and authors I don't know about, and the 'requirement,' voluntary as it is, stimulates me to read more difficult books in greater variety than I would otherwise.  The occasional events are also great and sometimes I feel like I can contribute something, as with January's children's literature event.  I am happier for it, so I keep going. 


Val Spiers said...

I often read your blog but rarely comment. I just like to know what you are reading :)
I tend not to read too many challenging books. I like something easy to rest my mind after sewing and generally creating. You certainly have a few book challenges lined up there. I have recently started a blog about the cosy books I enjoy.
Cheers , Val

Jean said...

Thanks for stopping by Val! I certainly love cozy reads too--sometimes I just want to rest. :)