Wednesday, August 14, 2013

15 Day Book Blogger Challenge, Day 7

April at Good Books and Good Wine asks:  What are your blogging quirks?

  •  I'm not very disciplined about this whole blogging thing.  I'll write a post a day for two weeks and then ignore it for a week.  To be fair, I usually have to have finished a book in order to post, and that does not happen three times a week.
  • I have to have an image but I won't use animated GIFs.  Ever.  (This statement ensures that the universe will find some way to make me use a GIF, I suppose.)
  • I like to make my posts publish first thing in the morning, so I will usually set them to post at 7am or something.
  • I have a semi-colon problem; I also use too many dashes.  I have to go through my writing at the end to take out the overflow of parenthetical comments too.  Strunk and White would cry if they saw me.
  • I try to follow the rule that I can't post two non-book review things in a row.  It doesn't always work, but if I've got a pile of memes and no actual books, I don't like it.
  • The more I like a book, the less I can find to say about it.  My favorite books are usually the shortest posts, but I'm good at arguing with a book I didn't like.
  • I try to make my posts about medium length--not too short.  
  • I think my blog's name is the awesomest.


Emily Coleman said...

GIFs can be fun sometimes, but they make my eyes crazy, so I never use them either. And I like that you don't post a ton of non-review stuff; some blogs seem like they're made up of memes and never have book reviews. It always makes me think that they're "pretend book lovers" because they never actually finish a book. (Now I'm self-conscious...I probably post too many non-book review stuff. Maybe I should start keeping your rule.)

Jean said...

Thanks! No, I don't think you have too much non-booky stuff. Fear not. :)