Wednesday, October 31, 2012

James-A-Day: Wrapup

I just realized that the James event is over.  I thought I had one more day to go!  But no, it is 10:30 PM on Halloween, and October is pretty much over now.  So I missed doing "The Fenstanton Witch" after all.  I was so busy today that I didn't even get past the first two pages.

Here's what I did instead of reading one more MRJ story: made the kids do 3 hours of school in the morning ("But Mom!  It's a holiday AND your birthday!  You deserve the day off!"  Nice try, kiddo.  Now tidy the schoolroom.)  Took the kids to the ever-marvelous Annual Pumpkin Drop at the college, in which we test various theories of gravity by dropping pumpkins off the 6th-floor balcony.  Igor was kind of off this year, BUT they also threw 250 super-bouncy-balls all at once, which was very cool and resulted in utter chaos.  Went out to lunch with two good friends, yum.  Carved jack-o-lanterns (I'm always late), fetched pizza for dinner, spent at least half an hour doing 12-year-old's hair in about 25 braids, grandparents arrived, worried about the rain, took the kids trick-or-treating for over an hour anyway, dragged home to find that we still have most of our candy supply because hardly anyone went out tonight.  Oh, so tired.

Said 12-year-old was the hit of the neighborhood in her jellyfish costume.  9-year-old was adorable in her forest elf outfit (she imagines herself adventuring with Legolas).  Pictures available on the Howling Frog Facebook page.

I hope you all enjoyed reading MRJ this month; I certainly did and I learned a lot too.

I think this is what I want to be for Halloween next year.  It's certainly kind of scary.

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