Tuesday, October 16, 2012

James-A-Day: Mr. Poynter's Diary

Haunted curtains!  It's like a perfect triple scoop MRJ phobia ice cream cone:  hair, fabric, and everyday things turning out to be spooky.  When you say it plain--this story is about possessed curtains--it sounds absurd, but I don't think the tale itself is.

James tells this story as if it were a detective story, with a very detached narrative voice that collects evidence and is rather fussy about what goes into the document.  I think this style rather serves to make the supernatural part of the story quite creepy. 

What did you think of the use of hair (capitalized--Hair) as the main element of horror?  MRJ is the only writer I know of who can make hair so completely creepy and horrifying.  It gives me the shivers.

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Nancy Leek said...

MRJ could make absolutely ANYTHING creepy---and do it in such a calm and sedate way. "Oh by the way, watch out for the curtains."