Monday, October 8, 2012

Griffin and Sabine, Part II

The Gryphon, Alexandria, and The Morning Star, by Nick Bantock

A couple of weeks ago I re-read the Griffin and Sabine trilogy, and found out that there is a second trilogy that I had never known about.  I got them from the library and read them too; they are pretty strange.

The first trilogy left off in a mysterious, but satisfying way.  Now the story is reopened with Matthew and Isabella, a pair of separated lovers.  Griffin and Sabine write letters to both of them, but in Sabine's ink and handwriting.  The letters come from Paolo, a place not found on any map.  It all gets very mythological, with dark angels and symbolic visions and Egyptian artifacts.  Again we wonder if Sabine is a real person or...what, I don't even know.  Isabella and Matthew have to defeat the powers of darkness and it ends confusingly.

I have to say, although I enjoyed the artwork again, I'm sort of disappointed with the storyline and (sort of) resolution.  It's pretty weird, and I like weird, but I'm not satisfied with how it went.  I'm not sure it had a good reason to be so out there.  Meh.

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jennysbooks said...

Yeah, the first batch of books were much better. It's still fun to see the art and take the letters out of envelopes, but the first three are better to read.