Friday, June 14, 2013

Readathon Wrapup

I think today is really the last day.  I'm pretty sure.  Today I actually got to read quite a bit:

I finished A Red Herring Without Mustard.  Interesting.  Kind of weird.

I read a huge chunk of Pamela, over 75 pages.  I think we had two or three events today!  I am even more annoyed with Mr. B. than ever; besides the part where he was a kidnapper and would-be rapist for the first 200 pages, now that he's a doting husband he doesn't approve of Pamela nursing her own baby, and she has to give up the idea despite her conviction that it's the moral thing to do.  Lovely.  The baby isn't born yet, though, so maybe he'll change his mind.  Ha.

I officially hit the halfway point in In the First Circle.  You'll notice that I'm reading it much more slowly than Pamela, though they are about the same length.  Well, this one is better and deserves more attention.  Although Pamela does not quite allow for skimming, I'm reading a bit quickly.  Solzhenitsyn actually needs over 700 pages for his story, whereas Richardson crams maybe 400 pages of story into over 800.

I read a good chunk of On the Road, too, and am now in the home stretch.  Why anyone puts up with Dean for more than a day or two I do not understand.  I've had some holy goof friends myself, but they were at least pleasant to be around.

This was a fun readathon, I think.  It's a very relaxed one, which is the kind I need!  I did manage to focus more on reading and less on wasting time on the Internet, so that was good for me.  Thanks to Shelf Confessions for hosting!


Kriss Morton said...

CONGRATS YOU WON THE SONGS FOR SUMMER CONTEST!!!!!! Can you email me at kriss(at) with your choice of where to get GC!

Jean said...

Thanks Kriss! Wow, that is great. :)