Saturday, June 8, 2013

Readathon, Day 2

I don't have much to report today; I went to an outdoor wedding in 110 degree weather, that's what I did.  I'm about recovered now.  :)  As for books, I read:

Theodosia and the Eyes of Horus, by R. L. LaFevers: finished.  A fun read.

Pamela, by Richardson: finished vol. 1, about 30 pages into volume 2.  I have no idea how he is going to fill nearly 500 more pages. I am halfway through and the story appears to have been over for a while now.

Virgin on the Ridiculous, by Wallace Tripp

Prospero's Mirror, by A. N. Donaldson: just a few pages.

My song for the day is for Pamela: it's Bach's Minuet #2, something she could have played on her spinet.  It's also something my girls are learning to play on their violins.  Here's a link to a one-woman duet I found on YouTube; I don't feel right putting the video right here on my blog, since I didn't ask her permission.  I couldn't find a professional recording, because this is a standard Suzuki piece for beginners and YouTube is flooded with little kids playing it. 

The Prospero's Mirror title made me go looking for the Wallace Tripp illustration of Prospero casting his book into the sea (while a rabbit comments, "Hey Mister, I hope that's not a liberry book"), but I couldn't find it, either on my bookshelf* or online, so you get this.  Pamela doesn't so much verge on the ridiculous as dive right in, so it seems appropriate.

* I have A Great Big Ugly Man Came Up and Tied His Horse to Me, but it must be in Marguerite, Go Wash Your Feet, which belongs to my mom.  I can never remember what picture is in which book.


Amateur Reader (Tom) said...

I have only read the first volume of Pamela myself. Volume 2 seemed kind of - what word do I want - specialized. And I even read Sir Charles Grandison!

Nancy Leek said...

That is a great Wallace Tripp picture----and I've never seen it before. I wonder where it originally appeared.

Jean said...

He seems to have done a whole series of pun pictures. Here's one just for you: