Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Readathon, Day 6

Today I read a bit, cooked a lot, and took kids swimming.  The reading part:

I finished The Darling Buds of May, a short novel from the Pop Larkin series.  Post coming soon!

I read a little bit of Pamela, but not as much as I should have done.  I even took it to the pool.

Still reading A Red Herring Without Mustard.  Still iffy about it.

My song selection makes no sense at all.  The Pop Larkin books have lots of summer in them--English summer, with green fields and strawberries and such.  Never have you read of so much English summer.  I have no experience with the English summer; I'm an expert on the California summer, which is a completely different thing.  And when I think of songs that feel like summer, I get very different results than would fit with a Pop Larkin book.  However, I do rather think that Pop would get a kick out of the chaos and fun of the B-52's Rock Lobster, and so that is my song for today.

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