Wednesday, March 30, 2016

MarchMagics: Reading Catch-Up

I guess I've slacked off a little bit on the MarchMagics posting, but that's because I really have no shipping ideas.  That's not really how my brain works. But!  Since I last posted about DWJ and Pterry, I've read a couple more things.

Obviously I had to follow Dark Lord of Derkholm with a re-read of Year of the Griffin.  That is such a fun book.  I love the portrayal of a group of college friends, and how each of them copes with their various problems.  I also really like how the world is a mess, and the university has become completely incompetent, and it all needs fixing up--which is exactly what would really happen, only unfortunately we don't have magic to fix our problems up with.

This is another really terrible cover.  It's a scene from the novel, but a very confusing one and the cover makes no sense at all.  Also, you can't see any human faces, and the whole thing comes off as badly drawn.  Elda is the only reasonable thing on this cover at all.

I also had a lot of fun re-reading Wyrd Sisters, which I haven't read for years.  I only remembered about half of it, and it was great to rediscover the other half.  Granny Weatherwax is much more herself now, Nanny Ogg is a constant entertainment, and Magrat is one of those perfect Pterry characters, funny and endearing and determined all at the same time.

Continuing the witches theme, I read the last Tiffany Aching book, I Shall Wear Midnight.  I re-read Wintersmith fairly recently and wanted to check in with Eskarina.  I tell you what, Midnight may be Pterry's crowning achievement.  Certainly the Tiffany stories are some of his best, and Midnight just blows me away.  It's got everything he did best.

Only one more day in March!  I'll have a wrap-up and another book tomorrow.


Lory said...

That Griffin cover is awful. Why on earth would the artist choose that scene? And then why do it so badly? I really wonder who was in charge of these at Greenwillow, and what they thought they were doing.

Jean said...

I agree completely.

Kristen M. said...

Going back in the Discworld timeline, you really do start appreciating the evolution of his writing and story building through the years. The Tiffany Aching books are definitely his best!