Thursday, March 10, 2016

MarchMagics 10: Equal Rites Readalong!

Today is the Equal Rites Readalong discussion!  Pop on over to We Be Reading to see what Kristen has to say.

Was this your first time reading Equal Rites? Did you like it?
I've read Equal Rites a few times before, but it's been years, so it was nice to read it again.  Although I read Wyrd Sisters first, after that I went back and read the books in order, so Equal Rites was one of my first.  I still remember certain descriptions as forming my opinion of Pterry's writing, like the eagle's mind being "small, sharp, and purple, like an arrowhead."

This time, I noticed more that Granny Weatherwax is being developed as a character.  She's more of an average formidable mountain witch, rather than the granite-with-a-heart, practically all-knowing Granny Weatherwax of later books.

Pterry also wraps up the storyline rather neatly, leaving Esk and Simon to their cooperative destiny, and they don't really show up again (until Esk makes an appearance in I Shall Wear Midnight).  Pretty soon, the Wizard storyline will have a large cast of continuing characters, but they are not in this story.  I would have liked to see more of Esk and Simon.

Who was your favorite character?
Granny Weatherwax!  Esk is still a kid and though I like her, I think she'll be more interesting in a few years.  I am quite fond of Simon. But Granny Weatherwax wins.
Would you rather be a witch or a wizard?
Oh, witch for sure.  Although I guess it's altogether messier than being a wizard.  Wizards get to live in a sort of magical Oxford University, which does sound pretty good, and then there's the Library--one of my all-time favorite Discworld locations, naturally.  But on the whole, witching sounds more human.  As long as I can have the books too.


heather said...

I love tougher Granny Weatherwax too. I think if this is the only Pratchett book someone has read they may not understand why people love her so much.

Kristen M. said...

Yes, Granny Weatherwax definitely develops a lot from how she is presented here. And I also wish we could have seen more of Esk and Simon, especially because they seem to have powers beyond the standard wizard. The witch/wizard question is so tough! I don't want to cut old man toenails or do pig medicine but I also wouldn't want to be someone who isn't connected with the regular world anymore either. :)

Kailana said...

I still have managed to read any Terry Pratchett this month, but this is one I have never read. Might have to squeeze it in at least!