Tuesday, March 1, 2016

MarchMagics 1: The Shelfie

 It's March, and that means it's #MarchMagics time, hosted by Kristen at We Be Reading!  I have really been looking forward to this, and I simultaneously managed to forget that March was coming up really fast.  I was going to pre-write a bunch of articles and all, and the next thing I knew, it was actually March and I haven't been near the computer for a week.  (My kids have been using my computer a lot for schoolwork.  I haven't had a chance to write anything!  I'm writing this on my tablet while kids work, and while I love my new keyboard, Blogger doesn't always want to cooperate.)

Well, today's theme is: Share your books!
Show us your own DWJ/Pratchett books and/or the books that you are planning on reading this month.

Here's my DWJ shelf.  I have very nearly everything, though I don't think it's all present on this shelf.  I do not have Everard's Ride in its own volume, but I do own Yes, Dear, and Chanegover!  In fact, here it is:
 And here are my three favorite, at the moment, though all the books are my favorites.  I plan on reading Fire and Hemlock this month, and at least one other, but I haven't decided which yet.

My Pterry collection, on the other hand, is pretty partial.  I started collecting the Discworld books in cheap paperbacks some years ago, but I'm only maybe halfway along.  I don't own any of the Johnny books--we just check them out from the library over and over (and over).  I would love to collect all the Johnny and Discworld books!  I believe we have the Bromeliad Trilogy, in an ancient single volume, somewhere around the house, and of course I have Good Omens, which is a huge favorite of mine.  I may decide to re-read that this month, and I will certainly revisit my very first Pterry book, Wyrd Sisters.

Pratchett books, and some others

 Thanks to Kristen for hosting this great event; I can't wait to see what everyone is going to do!


Kailana said...

I own more Pratchett than Jones. I am hoping to read something by both of them this month. :)

Lory said...

Confession: The Crown of Dalemark is one of the few DWJ books that severely disappointed me. I had too many years to anticipate it I think! I'm with you on the other two, I think they're among the best.

Anonymous said...

Aw, Archer's Goon. I'm thinking of rereading Tale of Time City this month, just to see if I can get myself to fall in love with it finally. I know that I will one day love it! I am determined!

Jean said...

Aw, and I love both of those. My dad hated Sam on sight but I can live with him, and besides I want a butter pie. And I love how Crown of Dalemark ties everything together, and I love Mitt.

Kristen M. said...

I have been thinking about rereading Archer's Goon this year. It's one of the ones I've only read once so I still have plenty to get out of it! Right now I'm reading Witch's Business, which I need to find a copy of for myself. I also need more shelves so I can start collecting more Pratchetts. :)