Saturday, February 13, 2016

Book Blogger Appreciation Week, coming up!

I signed up for this!  Look out, because I even signed up to interview another book blogger.  I've never done BBAW before, and this year it's being hosted by The Estella Society.  

The topics:

Day 1 Introduce yourself by telling us about five books that represent you as a person or your interests/lifestyle.
Day 2 Interview Day! If you choose to be part of the interviews (in the form down below), you’ll be assigned a fellow blogger to chat with and post about! Sign-ups for interviews close on Wednesday, February 10! 
Day 3 What have you read and loved because of a fellow blogger?
Day 4 How do you stay connected to the community? Examples: social media, regular commenting, participation in blog events, etc. Tell us your faves!
Day 5 One of the unfortunate side effects of reading and blogging like rockstars seems to be a tendency toward burnout. How do you keep things fresh on your blog and in your reading?

Watch for BBAW articles all over the place!

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Anonymous said...

Perfect timing because i've nominated you for the Beautiful Blogger Award: