Sunday, October 19, 2014

WWReadathon, Day 3

Whew!  I gave my talk today, and I survived, and I feel much better now.  I got to do quite a bit of reading in the afternoon, too.

I finished Book VII of Le Morte D'Arthur, which was the Tale of Sir Gareth, aka Beaumains.

Just one chapter of Mysteries, but quite a long one.

And over 60 pages of War and Peace (they are very large pages!), so I feel quite accomplished about that.  It's all preparations for Napoleon arriving near Moscow.


Amateur Reader (Tom) said...

That's like a good reading day for me, too - like today, even. Two chapters of Mysteries, but short ones. A nibble of this book, and a healthy chunk of that one - although a book shorter than Tolstoy's, so 60 pages looks like more progress.

Pretty good.

Ruth said...

So what copy are you reading for W&P? Mine is the Barnes & Noble Classic. I love that the chapters are super short. It makes me feel like I can read more and not be overwhelmed.

Jean said...

I also love the short chapters! It really helps. I am reading the P/V translation, the image above. (I was looking for a nice Russian cover really, but couldn't find one I liked quickly and I was in a hurry).