Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Classics Club Spin: The Number!

Our Spin number this time around is 20.  To my surprise, I somehow put 21 titles on my list, and I'm kind of tempted to go with poor #21 that never had a chance (it's Chekhov's Uncle Vanya) but I'd feel like I was cheating, so I am going to read #20-- Bless Me, Ultima by Rudolfo Anaya.

I've been reading but not posting, and so I have a pile of books to tell you about.  Still, it feels like I have a lot of large books going on and am not making much headway!


cleopatra said...

I was thinking of changing my book, too (The Seven Storey Mountain), because of its length and because it's on a list of books in a group I belong to that is going to be reading through the WEM biographies. I'm so thankful I didn't though; it's turning out to be excellent.

I hope you enjoy Bless Me, Ultima. Once again, you've introduced me to another book I'm unfamiliar with!

Miss your posts but it is wise of you to take the time to read when you can ~~ I seem to be doing the exact opposite lately. :-Z

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to hearing what you think of Bless Me, Ultima! That's one of those classics that's barely, barely on my radar, so I'd like to hear more about it.

Jean said...

I read it in college and liked it. I'm not sure what I think of it so far this time around. We'll see.