Sunday, October 16, 2011

Week 42: Naked Heat

Naked Heat, by Richard Castle

It's the second installment in the storybook version of the Castle series on TV! I think this one was better written. Again, it's just like an episode of the TV show, with all the names changed and Nikki Heat written as Castle's fantasy version of Kate Beckett. The mystery is pretty decent--lots of fictional celebrities are involved this time. There are quite a few fun and clever tidbits, and some good digs at the Rook character (he has a secret life!).

Fun candy for the mind, though almost useless to non-fans of the show. I think you used to be able to read Murder She Wrote novels without watching the show; that's not true of this series, which depends heavily on familiarity with the TV characters and the small contrasts between them and the book people.

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