Sunday, January 7, 2018

Something on Sunday: 1/7

Let's see if we can start 2018 off with some nice things.

I started a new quilt!  I guess technically speaking, I started THREE.  Which is a little much even for me.  I've been looking forward for months to starting "Patchwork City," a very modern quilt design that I love and that will take me approximately forever.  It has 75 blocks, in three sizes, which can be fitted together if desired into 25 larger blocks (or indeed lots of other configurations).  So far I've made six, and they're quite intricate and tricky.  Fun!  I also started two Tardis quilts for my daughters who each want one.  This is a much easier job, actually, since I've worked out a pattern (of sorts) that will be fairly simple.  A quilt guild friend gave me her leftover "Police Box" fabric, so I have the signs, and I have lots of blue in my stash...

By the time you read this, I won't be here at all.  I'm very excited to head down to San Francisco for a bookbinding class!  I didn't even know it existed until a couple of months ago, but I'm going to the SF Center for the Book, a place that teaches all sorts of book arts.  Their class schedule is the yummiest, most tempting thing on the internet, I'm telling you.  My mom and I are going to do the introductory class, and I cannot promise that I will not try to take the next couple of Really Serious bookbinding classes too.  Even though I hate going to SF.  I like the East Bay and would be much happier if this place were in Oakland or something.

Finally, happy anniversary to me and my husband, since today is our 22nd.  That's like, half our lives.  No, it IS half our lives, since we are both 44.  Goodness.  Here we are, two doofy, clueless kids:


Lory said...

Congratulations on your anniversary! Your smiles make me happy.

I love the idea of bookbinding but I think I"m too impatient for the precision it takes (quilting too)...knitting is more my thing. I need to post a picture of the blanket I knitted recently which made me quite proud.

Ruth said...

Happy Anniversary! You're about one year ahead of my husband and me. I don't know too many couples who make it that far. Marriage is a long, hard journey.

heather said...

You look like babies in that picture. Happy anniversary.

I love Tardis quilts. I'm currently working on a mystery quilt with about 10 gazillion pieces in it.

Anonymous said...

Aw, crud, I missed my very first Sunday meme. In my defense, I got hit by a car on Friday evening so I was somewhat distracted this weekend. Next week I will get back to it.

Happy, happy anniversary!! Y'all look adorable in your wedding pics. And your bookbinding class sounds amazing -- I can't wait to see what you've learned when you get through with it.

Jean said...

Jenny! You got hit by a car??!?!? Are you OK? What happened? (I SAW a car accident the other day and that was quite bad enough.

Heather, we were totally babies. And I want to know about the mystery quilt!

Ruth, you are so right. And Lory, you would have liked this class -- it was an intro and pretty fun!

Kristen M. said...

Happy Anniversary! Hubby and I passed the half-our-lives mark a couple of years ago (since we got together at 18) and it's definitely weird!
I'll be making my first pieced quilt this year. I'm quite nervous because I want it to be perfect. At least my mom will be helping me! Tardis quilts sound cool. :)