Wednesday, May 31, 2017

20 Books of Summer

o posted a summer project that I do not remember running into before, though I must have.  Karen at 746 Books hosts The 20 Books of Summer challenge:

For anyone who hasn’t taken part before, 20 Books of Summer is a reading challenge I do each year from 1 June to 3 September where I read 20 books from my TBR in three months. ...  As ever, there will be a 15 books and 10 books option and as previous years, a few Australians might take part and rename it the 20 books of winter! I’ll have a Master Post with a linky where you can share your reading lists and the #20booksofsummer hashtag will be buzzing again.
So that seems like fun!  I'll be choosing a mix of library and actual TBR books, since as I showed the other day, my library TBR pile is nearly as large as the pile of books I actually own.   Here are my picks; I accidentally included two extra and then couldn't figure out which to take out, so now I have wiggle room, I guess?
  1. Limonov, by Emmanuel Carrere
  2. Half a Crown, by Jo Walton
  3. Bai Ganyo, Konstantinov
  4. Rashomon, by Ry√ľnosuke Akutagawa
  5. Marie Grubbe, by Jens Peter Jacobsen
  6. Inherent Vice, by Thomas Pynchon
  7. At the Pulpit: 185 Years of Discourses by Latter-day Saint Women
  8. The Dybbuk and Other Writings, by Ansky
  9. The Book of Memory, by Petina Gappah
  10. Bad News, by Anjan Sundaram
  11. Train to Pakistan, by Khushwant Singh
  12. To Destroy You Is No Loss / Bamboo and Butterflies, by Joan Criddle
  13. The Foundation Pit, by Platonov
  14. Alamut, by Vladimir Bartol
  15. The Blue Sky, by Tshinag
  16. A Golden Age, by Tahmima Anam
  17. Untouchable, by Mulk Raj Anand
  18. The Towers of Trebizond, by Rose Macaulay
  19. The Go-between, by L. P. Hartley
  20. The Story of My Teeth, by Luiselli
  21. Lyrics Alley, by Leila Aboulela
  22. This Earth of Mankind, by Toer
I don't see how I could possibly read all that and Thucydides too, but we shall see.  It's good to have goals, right?


Fanda Kutubuku said...

The Earth of Mankind - I really want to know your opinion on this. I'm an Indonesian, but haven't read this masterpiece of Pramoedya A. Toer (shame on me!), but it's already in my Classic Club list, I'll come to it eventually :)

Have fun with your challenge -- which I believe is hardly a challenge for you.

Jean said...

I'm excited about that one! We have all 4 volumes at work and if I like the first one I'll try to read them all. It sounds fascinating. said...

What a fantastic list! A great mix of books. Thanks so much for taking part.

curlygeek04 said...

I can't comment on your list, having only heard of Jo Walton (but I'd really like to read more by her). I can say you've inspired me to include quite a few non-American and non-white authors on my own list. Enjoy your summer reading!

Jean said...

Oh thanks, curlygeek! I've been trying to read books from every country -- a project that will take a while....

cleopatra said...

I see you must have read ALL the familiar books in the Western hemisphere and are now on to more obscure literature. ;-) I'll be looking forward to your reviews! We do have the Fountain Pit in common, so that's comforting.

Jean said...

Ha! Well, not quite. I just keep seeing all these tempting books at work...