Thursday, September 24, 2015

AusReading in November

Brona is hosting her annual AusReading event in November and this time I'm going to join.  I've wanted to the last couple of years.  Brona says:
November is AusReading Month - a month long celebration of all things Aussie, Aussie, Aussie. 
Join us as we read, review and blog about all things Australian - classic books, contemporary stories, children's books, poetry, non-fiction, short stories, popular, literary, award-winning - whatever.
The only stipulation is that it has to be written by an Australian based author or predominantly set in Australia. 
The rules are simple: read one, two or more Australian books throughout the month of November. Write a review on your blog and link it back here. 
Visit and comment on your fellow bloggers posts to build up our growing community of Aussie book lovers.
Visit Brona's post to sign up and find links to suggestions!

It seems to me that it can be a bit tricky to find much Australian literature in the US.*  Back when I was constructing my CC list, a couple of people suggested titles to me, but I've sort of put off reading them because I would have to hunt them down.  Happily, one of them--My Brilliant Career--is at my friendly neighborhood public library, and I've been looking for more Australian literature to purchase at work.  Australian literature is not going to just appear in front of me, but pretty soon I'll have a bit of a selection.

So I might as well start with My Brilliant Career, right?  I'll read that.  I'll probably have to stick with just one title, because by November my unfinished challenges will be LOOMING at me in a menacing fashion.  But I'm glad to finally be participating in AusReading November!

*There's Colleen McCullough, and A Town Like Alice.  That's about it for easy access.  McCullough is not really my style--although how would I know, because the only one I've read is The Ladies of Missalonghi, which is totally lifted from L. M. Montgomery's Blue Castle--and I ought to get around to reading A Town Like Alice sometime. 


Amateur Reader (Tom) said...

My Brilliant Career is so much fun. In the US, it ought to be read - not as much as Little Women or Anne of Green Gables, no, I am not saying that - but a fifth as much as Little Women. A tenth as much. Anyways, a lot more than it is.

Brona said...

So glad you can join us.

My Brilliant Career is an early classic supposedly loosely based on Stella Miles Franklin's childhood...written whilst she was still a teenager!

I'll be curious to see how an Aussie rural turn of the century coming of age story translates to an American reader :-)

Good luck