Thursday, March 6, 2014

Oh, wow.

Fellow Diana Wynne Jones lovers, this is a great day for me.  My husband just gave me a copy of Changeover!   I never expected to be able to read it,  I'm pretty speechless.  Is this a guy to hang on to, or what?? 

Thanks, honey! :)

I'll post a picture tomorrow if I can get a good one.  Best DWJ March ever!!

I wrote most of a Power of Three post earlier and then totally failed to finish it.  Maybe tomorrow.  I'm going to go to bed and look at my new book now.  Of course I will just admire it for a couple of days.  I have to find a good chunk of time to be able to sit down and read it in peace.  My usual method of wandering around the house reading a paragraph at a time is not worthy of this great event.


Kristen M. said...

That is so awesome! Lucky gal. :)

Anonymous said...

Aw, that's wonderful!! What a lovely gift!

Jean said...

I know right?? :D