Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Count of Monte Cristo Check-In

I am really glad some of you talked me into doing the readalong of The Count of Monte Cristo.  It is such a fun book!  I've not had much trouble keeping up with the pace and am now on chapter 70.  This is about halfway by chapters, but more than halfway by page numbers.

I really did not know anything much about the plot before I started; it was mixed up in my head with the Man in the Iron Mask.  I've never seen the movie either.  All of you probably already know that this is the story of young Edmond Dantes, a carefree young sailor with wonderful career prospects ahead of him and a true love he is about to marry--until he is thrown into the Chateau d'If and left to rot, all for the sake of a bureaucrat's ambition.  In prison, he hears about a legendary treasure buried on the island of Monte Cristo, and vows to escape, find the treasure, and get his life back.

It's very exciting, filled with plots, piracy, duels, bandits, and all sorts of wonderful stuff.  Lots of fun.  And Jenny was right--the awesome stuff they make in prison is the best part!

PS: Ooh, I just saw my pageviews count.  I just hit 100,000!  Yay!


Amateur Reader (Tom) said...

The prison section is actually pretty great.

It is such an absurd book in places. Almost idiotic, although almost never dull. Then in other places Dumas utterly outdoes himself.

Then as the book goes on some of the idiocy recurs enough to become thematic, integral. No longer idiotic. A crazy book.

hopeinbrazil said...

I was surprised at how readable this chunkster was. Well worth the effort.