Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Son, by Lois Lowry

At last, Lois Lowry has written a concluding story to The Giver!  At the end, Jonas and Gabe go out on their sled and may or may not find safety.  Lowry wrote two more books in the same universe, but concentrated on other people.  Here, we learn about Gabe's mother--Claire, a young girl assigned as a Birthmother in the community.  The birth does not go well, and Claire is shoved off to the fish hatchery, where she wonders what happened to her baby.  She manages to secretly spend a little time with him, but then Jonas disappears with Gabe.  Claire, too, runs away from the community, and spends years in a different place before setting out on a journey to find the son she longs for.

I liked Son quite a bit, and so did my older daughter.  Good stuff.

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