Sunday, July 1, 2012

Reading Challenges Check-in

We're halfway through the year, but am I halfway through the challenges I've set myself?

Greek Classics: Not quite halfway: 5.5/12  Need to finish Herodotus, read poetry, and start Euripides.

Medieval Literature: 6/12, halfway!  I've started The Golden Legend and Piers Plowman, too.

Back to the Classics 2012: 7/9.  Just two to go: The Age of Innocence and Slaughterhouse Five.

November's Autumn Classics Challenge: 5/7 discussions posted.

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: 9/9 Finished!  That was a fun one; I would never have read some of those books otherwise.

Mixing It Up: 14/16.  I have the history book picked out, but the food selection?  Stumped.

Mount TBR: 15/25. Not bad.  Considering the size of my pile, it could be better.

150+ Challenge: I'm on something like #115, so no worries there.

World War I Challenge: 2/3.  Still need to read the Keegan history.

Hm.  Well, that's a bit ironic; the only challenge I'm behind on is my very own.


Nicole said...

There's something about the last few weeks of June that sends you into a reading frenzy!

Amy said...

Wow. You have kept up with an extraordinary number of challenges. It seems an appropriate occasion to pass this on to you:

Jean said...

Oh hey, thanks! I think I'll have to wait a bit to tackle it as I'm on a roadtrip right now and not blogging much (though I have a post almost ready to go, I should finish that).

You're a fellow Bollywood lover! Yay!