The Invisible Man

The Invisible Man, by H. G. Wells

I've read most of Wells' short SF novels--even The Food of the Gods--but I missed The Invisible Man.  Griffin, a brilliant physicist and an albino (that's important), discovers a way to make himself completely invisible!  He thinks it's going to be great.  He'll be able to find out anything, take anything he likes.  The entire story is about how wrong he is; being invisible is terrible.  Griffin is an utter outcast from humanity.  His hold on sanity was probably not too strong in the first place, and invisibility makes him completely selfish and full of rage.  He is more of an angry ghost than anything else, and all he can do is terrify people.

This is the final title for the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Challenge!  I'm done!  It's been fun, and I never would have read and enjoyed The Phantom of the Opera without it.


  1. Congratulations for finishing the challenge! I have seen many bloggers participating in this, but I think you're the first one I have actually seen finishing :)

  2. Well, probably no one else is that crazy... ;)

  3. Congratulations on being the first to finish! I have to admit, I'm really behind myself but I'm hoping to catch up soon.

    Thanks for participating and I'm glad you had a good time :)

  4. Thanks Hanna, I think it was a great idea. :)

  5. It probably would've helped if he had moved to a warm climate before making himself invisible. January in England is not the place to be naked.


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