The 2021 World War II Reading Challenge

Well, I have found one new 2021 reading challenge to join!  This year I did Russian literature/history (and not nearly enough of it; my pile is still tall), and now I shall do the World War II Reading Challenge at Becky's Book Reviews.  I have quite a tall stack of WWII books too.  They mostly cover Europe, from the UK to the USSR.

I don't know if this is the official image or not

So here are the rules:

2021 World War II Challenge
Host: Becky's Book Reviews (sign up here)
Dates: January - December 2021
Goals: Read, Watch, Listen, Share WWII related stuff


  • Fiction published during 1939-1945
  • Fiction set during 1939-1945
  • Fiction that is about the leading up to the war
  • Fiction that is about the direct aftermath of the war
  • Nonfiction books about the War
  • Biographies or Autobiographies with sections about the war
  • Poetry or verse novels with a WWII setting OR publication date
  • Essays, Articles, Op-Ed pieces
  • historical-historical (straight up historical with no sub-genres)
  • historical romance
  • historical mysteries
  • historical coming-of-age
  • historical thrillers/suspense/spy novels

Music and film are also included, so check it out at Becky's page.

Titles read:

  1.  The Coming of the Third Reich, by Richard P. Evans
  2.  Ordinary Men, by Christopher Browning
  3.  Frauen: German Women Recall the Third Reich, by Alison Owings
  4. Midway: the Battle That Doomed Japan, by Fuchida and Okumiya
  5. Last Witnesses:  An Oral History of the Children of WWII, by Svetlana Alexievich
  6. For Two Thousand Years, by Mihail Sebastian
  7. Book Smugglers, by David Fishman
  8. The Third Reich in Power, by Richard P. Evans
  9. Last Hope Island, by Lynne Olson
  10. Millions Like Us, by Virginia Nicholson
  11. How to be a Dictator, by Franz Dikotter
  12. A Writer at War, by Vasily Grossman


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